The Story

“What’s that, another Italian restaurant?”…could be something that you are thinking. A quick glance up and down your local high street and you will probably see an abundance of commercial Italian restaurants. To put it quite simply, La Storia is not just another Italian restaurant… Italian cuisine today bears little resemblance to the food I have grown up eating in my Nonna’s kitchen, or to the food I eat whilst on holiday in Accettura, the village in the South of Italy that my grandparents emigrated from in the 1950’s.

We are a family run business that want to bring authenticity in both Italian food and experience to West Bridgford! So pop in for an espresso, a drink after a hard day’s work or sample our signature ‘Eat like an Italian’ menu. Whatever it may be, we look forward to meeting you. Ciao!

Anton Sarricchio & Team